2024 New 30M Bluetooth Diving Waterproof Housing Photo Video Taking Underwater Cover Case for iPhone Samsung Huawei Xiaomi Redmi

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Material: For Samsung Model

For Samsung Model
For iPhone Model
For LG Model
For Oneplus Model
For Huawei Model
For Xiaomi Redmi
For OPPO Model
For Google Model
For Motorola Model

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Instructions for Using the Diving Case

Instructions for
Using the Diving Case
Installing the Diving Case:
Step 1:Unlock the
three latch switches.
Step 2:Open the
battery cover, install two 7# batteries, and seal the battery cover. Please
ensure correct polarity. Note: This product does not include batteries; please
purchase two 7# batteries separately.
Step 3:Turn on the
power switch to the ON position, the blue indicator light will flash.
Step 4:Enable
Bluetooth on your phone and search for visible devices. Find the device named
"SFK-05(BLE)" and connect to it. Once connected successfully, the
blue indicator light will turn off.
Step 5:Open the
assistive touch feature in phone settings by navigating to "Settings"
->"Accessibility" ->"Touch" ->"Assistive
Touch" and turn it on.
Step 6:Push the
clip open, place your phone inside the diving case, then move the clip to the
middle to secure the phone.
Step 7:Thoroughly
check the waterproof seal for cleanliness and absence of debris or damage.
Close the case cover and fasten the locking latch.
Step 8:Use the
vacuum pump device:
a. Unscrew the cover of the vacuum pump
device counterclockwise, ensuring all components are clean.
b. Press the waterproof air valve at the
connection of the vacuum pump, pump up and down 3-4 times, then cover the air
Note: After using the vacuum pump device, conduct a test before diving. If the
case cover cannot be opened, it indicates successful vacuum suction.
Step 9:Hang the
diving case with the included rope.
Step 10:Press the
direction button on the diving case to activate and locate the touchscreen on the phone. Please be patient while finding it.
Removing the Phone:
Step 1: Twist open
the back cover, gently move the silicone pad to release the air.
Step 2: Unlock the
three latch switches and push the clip to both sides.
Step 3: Remove your

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